photo: Nora Frohmann

up and coming and up and coming in side out stay up-dated  and high-drated  ︎︎

Code Name K
performing with nietheater
2.August @ Klo im Viktoriapark, Berlin

-No Clip- by Caroline Beach
in complicity with Sini Pfalzer
07.06. @ West Germany, Berlin
embedded DOP

workshop “Temperaturen”
62. IPU-Kongress


“late night dada”
Hermann Heisig & friends
performance-installation at Residenz Spinnerei, Leipzig
audiovisual material and documentation

group exhibition “stay insecure”
performing “Atemtemtemperaturen”
Villa Villekulla
at Krone, Biel, Switzerland
Dec. 20 - Jan.11

Photos: Nicolas Lienhardt

26.12.2023, 11 am, Martin-Luther Kirche
at Ulm, Germany

temperatures resperatoires
11 Am; 28.10.2023
place du champ du foire, Faucogney-et-la-mer , France

friday 22.09. from 2.-2.30 PM
Freitag 22.09. von 14.00-14.30
intelligent radio on seanaps-radio

01.08 Moving to Residency Villa Villekulla

15.07. performing at NNOI Festival laughing matter -  finite jest Lukas Pfalzer &Thomas Brück

photos: Margarida Albino

wie bist du hier reingekommen? how did you get in ear ?
radio cashmere DIY church

24.06. No.Clip Monster Edition with Caroline Beach at Tegeler See, Berlin

01.01.2023 new website online

1.10.22-30.11.2022     in the semi-public/im Halböffentlichen exhibition archivmassiv Spinnerei, Leipzig

August -September 2023
raddara - performative research
Joan Gustaf & Lukas Pfalzer
takeheart residency programme

11.08.2022     Lecture Performance im Rahmen der Ringvorlesung»(de)colonial practices in/across academia«

17.09./18.09.2022    No Video
Ausstellung mit Susanne Hopmann

zum Frühjahrsrundgang
Spinnerei Leipzig

Photos: Susanne Hopmann

01.02.-31.05.2022    research project: understanding différance (the philosophy of Jacques Derrida)
Kickstarter, Stiftung Kunstfonds Funding for Graduates

04.-19.09. 2021    Alumni Exhibit Kaleidoskopia
Halle 14 Spinnerei, Leipzig (GER)

Every body needs at least one hole in the wall
sunrise, diploma exhibit (g)
Volkspark, Halle (SAALE) (GER)

„Where is it, where I am?“
research into the colonial
history of Spinnerei Leipzig
project funded by
culture department of City of Leipzig

research project: VR and Mixed Reality
„Kultur ans Netz“ funding of IB Sachsen-Anhalt

laughing matter - finite jest
Invited by »You are warmly invited #3«
Werk 2, Leipzig (GER)

Exhibition collab. with Susanne Hopmann
Kunstpool Ehinger Tor, Ulm (s)(GER)
funded by City of Ulm culture department and Kunstpool Ulm

laughing matter - finite jest
Performance and Installation (s)
Project in collab. with Thomas Brück and Susanne Hopmann
funded by City of Ulm culture department

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